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Blog – Radiomike Reliability

How do we ensure our radiomikes are reliable for our customers i hear you say.

Here are the checks we carry out on our radiomikes between every hire:-

– We check that the capsule is not sweated out or damaged and sound right
– We check the whole headset or lapel is in good working order and shape
– We check that the cable is in good shape and not damaged and dont cause a crackle when moving
– We check the connector on the headset / lapel mike is in good working order and not damaged
– We check the beltpack powers up, transmitts correctly and the ring round the input jack is fastened correctly
– We check the beltpack is clean and free of any damage
– We check the recievers boot up
– We check the reciever / Reciever rack is in good working order and damage free
– We check the reciever recieves the signal and transmitts the audio correctly from the output
– We check the antennas / paddle kits are in good working order and ensure they work as they should
– We check that all cables are in good working order and are undamaged
– All systems are also factory reset between every hire